Causes of Industrial Pollution

Any form of pollution to the environment that traces its source from industrial practices makes up industrial pollution. It is mainly a significant problem in countries that are experiencing rapid growth of industries. Industrial pollution releases harmful toxins into the air, contaminates the sources of clean water, and reduces the soil quality globally.

What exactly causes industrial pollution? Let’s explore a few causes of industrial pollution that has led to overall environmental degradation

Many Small Scale Industries

Most small-scale industries do not have sufficient capital to run their operations. They usually rely on government grants to run their everyday business, thereby escaping environmental regulations and release toxic emissions into the atmosphere.

Inefficient Waste Disposal

Improper or inefficient waste disposal leads directly to water and soil pollution. Prolonged exposure to polluted water results in chronic illnesses. Moreover, waste materials can negatively affect the quality of the air.

Natural Resource Use

Many Industrial plants use raw materials sourced directly from the environment. Extraction of minerals pollutes the soil and results in oil spills that are harmful to humans and animals.

Outdated Technologies

Most industries still manufacture products using old technologies, which leads to a lot of waste. The companies usually depend on traditional technologies to produce high-end products, resulting in massive industrial pollution.