Medical Imaging to Improve Treatment of Environmental Diseases

Many non-communicable diseases have their origins in environmental pollution. Almost all environmental pollution is man-made covering areas such as contaminated air, water, and soil. This pollution mainly comes from chemicals (industrial and agricultural) and burning of fossil fuels (power stations, vehicle fuels, domestic heating and cooking). With an estimated 24% of diseases being directly attributed to environmental pollution, and therefore preventable, the need for reducing pollution is vital for the world’s health.

In the meantime, advanced medical imaging such as Antaros Medical can help in the development of pharmaceutical drugs to help in the treatment of many diseases. Antaros Medical is a medical imaging company that specialises in non-invasive, medical imaging to help pharmaceutical companies develop effective and safe pharmaceuticals. They are able to do this as they employ professional experts in the fields of science, disease biology, and drug development.

Two major factors responsible for many environmental diseases are caused by air and chemical pollution. Air pollution comes primarily from vehicle emissions, industrial pollution, smoking cigarettes, and domestic heating and cooking. These activities cause particulate matter to enter into the air which causes diseases such as cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and asthma. Whilst there may be other risk factors contributing to these diseases, environmental pollution plays a big role.

Chemical pollution derives from some types of industrial processing when the waste products are not treated properly and are released, finding their way into water supplies. Another source of chemical pollution is the use of pesticides in agriculture that accumulate in the food chain. Long term exposure to heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and other toxins can cause neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy. The kidneys, liver, lungs, and blood are other organs that can be affected as well as the possibility of developing cancer.

Measures to improve or eliminate environmental pollution will save many lives and improve the lives of many more. This is particularly true for poor people who suffer more from environmental pollution and its effects than other groups. Global initiatives, such as the recent COP 26 held in Glasgow, can play a major role in this, if the political will is there.

Prevention is always better than cure. In the meantime, until levels of pollution are reduced, medical imaging including Antaros Medical will be needed to help develop drugs for the treatment of these diseases.

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