The Effects of Pollution on Your Skin

The environment is undoubtedly a significant concern for everyone. The increasing levels of pollution are causing many problems in all areas. A subject that is not often discussed is that of the effects of pollution on your skin, and this really should not be overlooked. It’s not just a matter of vanity; pollution can actually damage the skin leading to severe consequences in later life. Although not the ideal solution, adopting a good skincare routine can go some way in preventing harm.

What Are the Effects?

Pollution can be absorbed, particularly around the eyes, where the skin is thin. You need an effective barrier to help prevent this, such as using Verso super eye serum, which contains Retinol 8. The inclusion of turmeric in the serum acts as an antioxidant to protect from skin damage due to pollution. Any airborne pollutants can contribute to skin aging and discoloration, psoriasis, and other diseases.

Taking Care of Your Skin

The skin’s barrier function can be diminished by pollutants and requires some extra help. Pollution can actually break down the collagen in your skin, so a daily cleansing routine is essential. The Verso daily cleanser is perfect for this, as it will quickly remove the grime acquired throughout the day. It will contribute to restoring your skin’s dryness caused by pollution and should be the first step before applying the Verso super eye serum.

What Does Smog Do to the Skin?

It was previously considered that as smog particles are too large to penetrate the skin’s pores, that it really didn’t do any harm. However, it is now known that smog can break down the skin’s barrier function. This leads to dehydration, uneven skin tone, acne, sensitivity, and dullness. This can be alleviated by the use of Verso’s daily facial fluid in conjunction with their eye serum. This protecting fluid is also helpful against UV radiation.

Avoiding Damage to the Skin

As well as using Verso’s range of products to help soothe and protect the skin, there are specific actions you should avoid. These include the overuse of exfoliating products, as these strip the skin of its natural barrier. Perfume can have the same effect, so try and use fragrance-free items on your face. Laser treatments are also not recommended as a way of treating aging skin, and you are better to rely on the Retinol 8 in Verso’s skincare.

The effects of pollution on your skin are unfortunately still not fully understood, but in the long run, they are undoubtedly harmful to your health. Make sure you have a daily routine to remove any dirt from your face, and use Verso’s protective skincare to help firm up your look and maintain your skin’s natural barrier function.