How Major Companies Manage Their Environmental Commitments

More and more governments and major companies are now setting ambitious goals to reduce the impact of climate change and improve the environment around them. For many of these businesses, this means stepping into areas that are outside their core competencies. A software development business may not know much about how to manage a forest, for example.

For this reason, many businesses that make strong environmental commitments find themselves having to employ other companies to make those ambitions a reality. This can be a significant burden for those businesses if the process isn’t managed correctly. Thankfully, there are now many certifications and management solutions that can make managing environmental commitments far easier than ever before. This article will examine some of the processes that major businesses use.


Many companies will not have the expertise required to do due diligence on the firms they are contracting to help meet their environmental goals and ambitions. For this reason, many businesses turn to entities such as the International Standards Organization to do the auditing work for them. The ISO sets standards around many issues, including environmental management and ecology. Companies can then apply for these standards and be audited by an independent business to ensure they are fully compliant. Once this process is complete, the relevant contractors are able to market themselves using these standards, which can make them significantly more appealing to other businesses.

Managing Contracts

Companies with a wide variety of environmental goals may well find that they are working with several partners in order to achieve them. In these circumstances, having robust contract management software is very important since there will be a high number of contracts to manage and various standards that the companies that have signed those contracts need to comply with.

All of these solutions make it far easier for companies to set and meet very ambitious goals when it comes to preventing climate change and protecting our planet as a whole. If more businesses adopt this approach, it could make a big difference to the earth.