Use Plants to Reduce Air Pollution

No continent, region, country, and of course, home is immune to air pollution. That’s because of the industries we see everywhere. And using fuel cars and other vehicles is still the order of the day in almost all countries, despite the desire to move to electric cars ruling supreme.

Emissions from these industries and vehicles can’t spare our otherwise quality air. In fact, air pollution is a global concern, which is yet to be effectively dealt with. That said, it’s worth mentioning that cleaning up the air should be everyone’s responsibility, and there are simple ways to approach this task. One of them is the use of plants. But how? Well, let’s find out.

Plants for Air Cleanup

Who doesn’t know that plant clean and refresh air? This is something we have been taught right from elementary schools. Have you ever wondered why high-end communities are set near forests or trees? It’s because of fresh air. So, as simple as it sounds, plants or trees act as air cleaners, and if everyone were to have plants in their home, then that would be a giant step towards dealing with this thing, air pollution. But just having plants in your home is not all; you will need to care for those plants if you want them to effectively serve the purpose. Wondering how to care for them? Proceed to the next section.

Plant Care App

With the plant care app technology, taking care of plants has been made easier than you imagine. With Planta app, for instance, you can do quite a lot of things in the name of caring for your plants. Let’s take a deeper dive into the app.

Features of Planta

Care schedule: With Planta app, you will know what plant care activity your plant needs and at what time, whether it is watering, weeding, or pruning. The app comes with a “Reminder” feature which will send you alerts when such plant care activities are due. So, you won’t skip any action, unless you want to.

Light meter: With this feature, you will be able to know what level of lighting is suited for which plants in your home, depending on the amount of light your home receives. Of course, you don’t want to have plants which will die sooner than you expected.

Dr. Planta: As the name suggests, this is the feature which will help you determine if your plant has any health problem. Once the problem is detected, the app will also give suggestions on solutions.

Scanner: Planta app features a plant scanner which you can use to identify plants and how to care for them.